Digital strategist

Nick Choat knows digital marketing, from promoting his own franchise businesses to working on big data analytics for The Walt Disney Company.

Nick helps franchise and small business owners recognize how essential digital marketing is to success and how they can utilize basic principles and practices to implement an effective digital marketing strategy.

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Online or Flatline digital marketing book for small business.

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Digital Marketing

Many small business owners struggle to establish their online presence in a way that adds value. It’s easy enough to set up a Facebook profile or pay for website development, but in today’s market, with a new blog going up every few minutes and half a billion tweets sent out per day, small business owners need to learn how to plant themselves strongly in their digital platforms or they risk being left behind. Nick Choat offers education and advice for small business owners to meet their customers online, provide excellent customer service to them, and protect their businesses from predatory services at the same time.


Price: $12.99


A podcast for small business and franchise owners

Digital Works Radio

Listen in as Nick Choat interviews digital innovators and educators, sharing information on available resources and “nuts and bolts” tips and tools. Nick’s conversations with his guests offer helpful advice, historical perspective and a look ahead at the future of digital marketing. Nick is a warm and knowledgeable host, and his guests are valuable resources for those hoping to increase their understanding of digital marketing and grow their businesses.

Access the programs live or listen to them in audio podcasts available through multiple distribution channels; transcriptions coming soon.


Should I Outsource My Business Social Media?

Outsource your business social media? If you are a small business owner who wants a social media presence, you have two simple options: do it yourself or hire someone. While this may seem like an easy choice, the factors that should inform this decision aren’t so...

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