Online or Flatline book cover Nick Choat
Digital marketing is a daunting task for many small business owners. In Online or Flatline, Nick Choat offers compelling reasons to get your business online and easy-to-use tools to make it possible:

  • How to set up an attractive webpage
  • How to prioritize your social media efforts
  • How to optimize your ability to be found on Google

Nick started at a young age, working in his parents’ small, hometown grocery store in rural Tennessee, where he learned about customer service and loyalty. When he was offered a management position with Kroger, he made the bold move to exit the grocery industry and took a chance on a degree in Computer Science long before the tech boom of the 1990s. His first job was for Boeing, followed by several years consulting businesses for Ernst & Young Consulting.

Online or Flatlilne – Chapters at a Glance


  1. Why is Digital Impacting Your Business
  2. What’s Old is New and What’s New is Old ….
  3. Marketing in This Ever-Changing World
  4. You Need a Digital Strategy for Your Long-term Survival
  5. Digital Tools to Acquire Customers
  6. Using Digital Tools to Retain Your Customers
  7. How to Get Started
“Encouraging a healthy balance of digital and non-digital, Online or Flatline is an effective roadmap for navigating your website, social media, search optimization, and directories. Choat does a great job of distilling down digital marketing to an understandable, step-by-step approach using real-world examples.”
Mark Ethier

Franchisee and Former Executive of the Walt Disney Company

“Nick Choat has taken the intimidating medium of social media marketing and made it simple. As a small business owner I have been overwhelmed, and therefore not present, by the social media opportunities to grow my business. Mr. Choat explains this in a language I can understand. After reading Online or Flatline, I am now excited about implementing this as a part of my marketing!”
Russell Blumenthal

Multi-unit Team Leader and Owner, Sport Clips Haircuts