Digital Marketing Consultant – Nick Choat

How Can I Help You Compete in the Digital Age?

I’ve worked in a corporate setting the majority of my career, helping companies stay competitive in the exploding digital age. Now I own franchise businesses and have been able to apply lessons learned through my experience in large scale enterprises – like Walt Disney Company, top consulting firms and software product providers – to help my own small businesses succeed.

I know that many small to medium-sized companies are struggling to compete in the digital age and that without the skills needed to effectively compete, their future is bleak.

Small business owners and organizations whose members are small business owners, such as franchise and industry associations, can engage me for presentations and trainings.  For more direct support, I provide individualized coaching and digital marketing skills training for small business owners and employees.

I enjoy sharing the skills that I’ve developed at companies like the Walt Disney Company and making them available to help small businesses succeed.

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