The software industry is ever changing. New technologies and applications are created on a regular basis. Are you a software engineer that struggles to keep up with the pace of change. Do you want to add another technical skill to your resume? Are you wanting to develop skills that will help you break into the industry? This episode with a award winning author of technical books and training will help you achieve your goals.

Eric Freeman is described by Head First series co-creator Kathy Sierra as “one of those rare individuals fluent in the language, practice, and culture of multiple domains from hipster hacker, corporate VP, engineer, think tank.” And his background matches that description well. By training, Eric is a computer scientist, having studied with industry luminary David Gelernter during his Ph.D. work at Yale. Professionally, Eric is a former media company executive—having held the position of CTO of at The Walt Disney Company. Eric’s also held positions at O’Reilly Media, NASA and at several startups, and his IP is licensed and in use on every Mac and PC. And over the last nearly 15 years Eric has been one of the top selling technical authors on the planet across topics from beginning web development to high-level software design.

Eric’s contact info:
skype: facebook:erictfree
mobile: 626-272-2384
twitter: @erictfree