Most business leaders want to grow their business, but many times don’t know how to turn ideas into profitable growth strategies. Are you interested in learning about the successes of other businesses? Are you open to mentoring? This episode will provide options to help you and your business grow.

Dennis Zink is a certified mentor and Chapter Chair of Manasota SCORE leading the number one chapter in the US. He facilitates a CEO Roundtable helping business owners transform their companies to become more successful. A best-read columnist for Sarasota’s Herald-Tribune, Dennis has penned 187 consecutive business articles. His nationally syndicated podcast series – Been There, Done That! with Dennis Zink is the official podcast series for SCORE’s 10,000 volunteer mentors and their clients. He’s a quick study, proven leader, and his high energy and creativity continues to inspire others. He was educated in New York City at Fordham Graduate School of Business.

Contact info:
skype: @zinkdennis
mobile: (407) 948-7818